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October Flu Event

Visit our Flu Vaccine Clinic at one of our convenient locations!

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Back to School Vaccines

Call 304-337-2001 to schedule your appointment

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Proudly Serving Wetzel and Tyler Counties

Wetzel-Tyler Health Department provides quality health care and insures a healthy and safe environment for our citizens. Through our planning and direct service delivery, we focus on health promotion, disease prevention, and direct intervention.  We offer programs and classes that serve all regardless of residency and econimic status.

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Vaccine Clinics

 Adult, child and infant vaccines are available by appointment.  COVID19 vaccines are also available.  Adult vaccines:  Shingrix $20 per vaccine, Flu, Pnemonia, Covid19.  All CDC vaccines for child/infant available.  Please call 337-2001 to schedule.

Wetzel Tyler Health Department Lab

Call 304-337-2001 to Schedule your Appointment

The Bundle $40
*fasting labwork*
Add ons
CBC Vitamin D $45
CMP 14 (electrolytes and kidney function) Vitamin b12 $18
HbA1c (diabetes) PSA $16 (prostate)
Lipid Profile (cholesterol) Thyroid panel $30

Cash, Check, or Credit Card (No insurance billing)

*WTHD is NOT responsible for follow up with Physician
*Results to be picked up or mailed to patient. No results over phone.

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