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Water Sampling

Individuals requesting water collection of samples from private wells, springs or cisterns, which are to be processed by Office of Laboratory Services for bacteriological testing, will be charged a fee of $50. This fee will include the expense of man hours, mileage and shipping costs.

(This fee is not applicable when water collection is being conducted as part of a home loan evaluation request for the sale or purchase of a home. Refer to Home Loan Evaluation fee schedule for pricing.)

The fee is to be collected prior to the service being provided and must be accompanied by a completed Water Analysis Request Form. The form must be complete and include detailed directions to the sampling location and contact telephone numbers for those requesting the testing.

The West Virginia Office of Laboratory Services charges an additional fee which must be paid by a separate check or money order made to WVOLS and included with the water sample.

Shipment of the sample will be made using United Parcel Service via overnight delivery. Samples will be collected Monday-Wednesday to assure they reach the lab in a timely fashion.

Wells are NOT to be chlorinated until after the lab results are received. If treatment is necessary, the Wetzel Tyler County Health Department will provide information on well treatment
when the sample tests positive for coliform bacteria, e-coli, or both.

If a sample is lost, or cannot be tested, a new sample will be collected without additional charge.

There will be an additional charge for follow-up testing.