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Threat Preparedness

Natural Disasters & Emergencies

Disinfecting Small Quantities of Water (PDF)
Disinfecting Water Supply (PDF)
Flood Waters & Tetanus (PDF)
Home Clean-Up (PDF)
Indoor Air Quality Info Sheet (PDF)
Residential Food Safety (PDF)
Retail Food Safety (PDF)
CDC-Flood Information
WV Department of Health & Human Resources Fact Sheet for Flood Victims

Indoor Air Quality Info Sheet (PDF)
CDC Mold Home Page
CDC Mold – Emergency Preparedness

EPA Radon Home Page
WV Radon, Toxics and Indoor Air Division

West Nile Virus
West Nile Virus Poster (PDF)
• Dead Bird Testing: Dead birds may be delivered to the health department for submission to the State Office of Laboratory Services for testing to determine infection with West Nile Virus. However, birds must be dead less than twenty-four (24) hours and be in good condition for testing. Birds that show obvious signs of injury will not be tested; nor will those in which decay is evident.
CDC–West Nile Virus Homepage

Water Boil Advisory
CDC–Boil Water Instructions